Monday, March 10, 2008


Encore is a new front end for our catalog. The Web 2.0 features include thumb prints of the book covers, tagging, did you mean, etc. The front end offers a single search box. For more advanced searching at the beginning you need to go to Voyager. You are directed to Voyager for up-to-date holdings information, place holds or use your account. Encore is a decent discovery tool. Also, since it more closely resembles what web users see on at bookstore websites, a good way to introduce our catalog to first time users. However, I think experienced Infokat users may get easy frustrated since the discovery tool does not always handle known items particular serials well.

Blue 2.0 at Pazzo's

I joined the group at Pazzo's for a lot of fun. Also some good drinks and foods as always. We checked in about Blue 2.0, but the real topics of the event where should SLA include an Academic Division/Section and what to do about that hideous 40 story complex proposed for downtown Lexington. Shawn brought a camera so I am sure pictures will be posted on the Blue 2.0 blog.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lists of URLS

Wiki - -
Library Thing -

I confused posts with comments and I have been putting all of these in comments.

I found the layout and added my LibraryThing to the blog. Hmm, how much time do I spend playing with this

Monday, January 14, 2008

First Posting

This blog is now open for chatting!